Marina Twin Towers

Your International Business Hub In Lusail

The Pinnacle

Of Professional


Twin Towers are two-luxury office space buildings located in the Marina District of Lusail City, one of Qatar’s most promising destinations, added with an astonishing view over The Pearl Qatar to the South-East and opening on three main roads in Lusail.


Architecturally elegant properties are carefully configured to include modern business features alongside contemporary embellishments extended over 8,236 square meters of world-class space. Grand facades of the surrounding community will frame this new dimension of commercial real estate.


The Twin Towers are the efforts of industry professionals from various backgrounds collaborating to maintain internationally recognized standards. From the location to the amenities, the towers have everything you wish for your business.


The intelligent, peaceful, and inspirational environment combines artistic elements of architecture with various practical and versatile services to curate an inspirational business experience.

Committed to Find The Right Space For You.


Square Meters Of World-Class Space

The Twin Towers adhere to the ground as mezzanine twin floors. Four podium floors provided as a discreet VIP office independent from the building with its private elevator and exclusive access.


Cleverly arranged in Cube stacks, this premium commercial space is designed for maximum efficiency with a density for all services. It is set to become an instant national icon providing a hub for international and regional talent.


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Bringing Professional Class to Lusail City

An Address To Impress

This premier workplace is truly business-ready, centrally located in Qatar’s soon-to-be business hub at Lusail City. The Twin Towers offer a diverse range of facilities to reflect your company culture.


With expansive views across today’s most iconic community.

It will be a unique and immaculate location for any corporate business looking for a beacon of modern elegance standing with sophisticated simplicity.

Work Meets Pleasure

Stay at the cutting edge of contemporary offices and awe-inspiring reception area that will leave clients in no doubt that this is the platinum standard in offices.


The easily accessible and inspirational business spaces come together with four office units  in  each

floor  across  different areas, seven elevators in each tower, and an exclusive VIP office with its own entrance.